Welcome to Temecula Wine Country E-Bike Rentals serving Temecula Valley and surrounding areas.
We are a local family operated business located in the heart of Wine Country, within 0.7 miles from the closest winery.
Let us get you on the road to explore the best of Temecula at your leisure with our state-of-the-art electric bikes.

For your convenience,
our bikes all come equipped with

Water Bottle cage (except on Rover Plus)
Cell phone bracket
Map of Temecula (curated routes available)
Carrier bag (optional)
Drawstring bag for your personal belongings (optional)

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Don’t leave Temecula Valley without experiencing it by E-Bike!
1/2 day rental is 4 hours, pick-up only. Call for delivery options

Full day rental is 8 to 12 hours ( includes delivery within a 7 mile radius)
Hourly rentals on walk-in basis ($25 for first hour)
Call us for Quantity / Group discounts / children under 18 years old

Hours of fun await on our 750 Watt E-Bikes. Our bikes are designed to make your ride smooth and easy on paved and dirt roads. Easy step-through accommodates all ages. No matter what your fitness level is, with the pedal-assist feature you will zip up the hills and glide down the other side, effortlessly.

Delivery and pickup is included with full day rentals to your preferred location within a 6 mile radius of us. Free parking is available for pickup from our location in the heart of wine country.

Are you a wine or beer lover and love to bike?
Girls weekend?
Family get-together?
Romantic get-away?
Birthday or anniversary?
Love the outdoors?

Electrify your ebike ride and Temecula experience!

We are a local family owned business and have been residents of Temecula since 2003. Tap into our knowledge to plan your visit to Temecula. We have curated trails to share with all our clients. Champagne trail anyone?

Ditch the bus tour and experience Temecula with the sun on your back. For full day rentals we will deliver your e-bike, at no charge, to your door. You can take off on your own time and have a full day of fun!

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The bikes were ready on time when we arrived; Michelle was very kind with us and the bikes are very reliable and in very good conditions! It was the first time we did this and we had a great time, with hopes of returning again, we strongly recommend it!

Elizabeth Gomez, Google Review

Such a great experience from start to finish! Dirk dropped off the bikes at our B&B, they looked brand-new. The bikes were easy to ride and the assist option really helped out on the hills. We spent a great day riding to different wineries enjoying each one at our leisure. We have done the limo tours before but this was so much more fun! Dirk and his wife picked up the bikes when we had finished and were so professional, polite and genuinely good people.
We would recommend Temecula Wine Country e-bikes to anyone visiting Temecula.
Rented the bikes on 08/24/2020

Les Dod, Google Review

Temecula Wine Country E-bikes are a great way to get around! It doesn’t take long to learn how they work and they allow you to cover as little or as much ground as you want. The owners are sooo accommodating and helpful, from where to go, to making sure we had backpacks and water, as well as ease of pick up and drop off. One of our bikes malfunctioned, no big deal, just took it back and got another and off we went. If we ever go back we will absolutely do this again! Our new favorite way to tour an area!

Stacey Havener, Google Review

What a blast! My wife and I had a wonderful day effortlessly biking the wine country, visiting several wineries in the area. We picked up the bikes very close to several of the wineries. The bikes were very comfortable and easy to ride. Dirk got us all set up with helmets and locks and clear instructions. In addition to the main roads the wineries are on, get off into the residential roads among the large estates. Quiet and beautiful. I highly recommend Temecula Wine County E-Bikes.

Scott Hays, Google Review

My husband and I had such a great afternoon riding around Temecula on these bikes! Temecula can be kind of hill-y in the wine country areas, so it was sooo nice to have the electric assist. We barely even peddled, and when we did, we put it on 5/5 assist and felt like we were FLYING! It was sooo much fun. It was a very warm day (high 90s) and we didn’t even break a sweat. For those detail oriented folks, here’s some more info about the bikes (based on my own understanding). The assist levels range from 1-5 with the option of a throttle only setting as well. The throttle maxes out at about 20 or so mph, but going downhill we sometimes rolled at 25mph. There is a speedometer that also tells you battery life, speed, distance traveled, and what your assist setting is. The bike comes with a drink holder, phone holder, locks, and helmet if desired. The Uys family also offers belonging bags. The family was super nice and excited about their new business. We were nervous about renting these for our first time, but Michelle helped us feel super comfortable before we headed out. Definitely recommend as a super fun way to get around to all of the various wineries and activities in Temecula.

Scott Hays, Google Review