Terms of Service


By submitting any personal information, you as the disclosing Party unconditionally and voluntarily, consent to the processing of the submitted personal information for any and all purposes related to this transaction.

You agree and consent that your personal information may be processed by, or on your behalf for the purposes of this transaction.

Uys Wines shall not process, disclose or use personal information except:

  1. to the extent necessary for the provision of Services and/or Products under this transaction; or
  2. as otherwise expressly authorised by you in writing.

Uys Wines shall not disclose any personal information to any Third Party without your prior written consent in each instance, other than to the extent required by any Regulator or Law.

In the event that you provide such consent necessary for the disclosure of personal information to a Third Party, Uys Wines shall:

  1. make such disclosure; and
  2. enter into a written agreement with the applicable Third-Party recipient of such personal information that requires such Third Party to safeguard the personal information in a manner no less restrictive than each it’s obligations under these terms.

Uys Wines shall implement and maintain an effective security safeguards that includes, but is not limited to administrative, technical, and physical safeguards, and appropriate technical and organisational measures, in each case, adequate to insure the security and confidentiality of personal information, and to protect against any anticipated risks to the security or integrity of personal information, protect against unauthorized access to or use of personal information, protect personal information against unlawful processing or processing otherwise than in accordance with this agreement, and protect against accidental loss, destruction, damage, alteration or disclosure of personal information.

Without limiting the foregoing, such safeguards and measures shall be appropriate to protect against the harm that may result from unauthorised or unlawful processing, use or disclosure, or accidental loss, destruction or damage to or of Personal Information and the nature of the personal information, and shall maintain all safeguard measures as required.

Uys Wines shall not use, process, store, transfer or permit access to any personal information across the borders of South Africa, without your written consent .

In the event of any actual, suspected or alleged security breach, including, but not limited to, loss, damage, destruction, theft, unauthorized use, access to or disclosure of any personal information, Uys Wines shall:

  1. notify you as soon as practicable after becoming aware of such event;
  2. provide you with all information regarding the breach to allow you to ascertain what has occurred and which personal information has been affected;
  3. promptly take whatever action is necessary, at it’s own expense, to minimise the impact of such event and prevent such event from recurring.

1.1 Purchase of products

When you order a Product from our website you are offering to buy it at the price stated, subject to these terms. We will take all reasonable care to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of products appearing on the Website are correct at the time when the relevant information were entered onto the system.

We reserve the right to refuse an order. Non-acceptance of an order may, for example, result from one of the following:

  • The product ordered being unavailable from stock
  • Our inability to obtain authorisation of payment
  • The identification of an error within the product information, including price or promotion

Any pending orders that are not paid for within 14 days of placement will automatically be deleted from our system and will have to be placed again should you wish to proceed with the purchase.

1.2 Prices

Prices displayed on the Site are shown in South African Rand (ZAR). Prices are subject to change at any time. Deliveries will be charged in addition to the price of the products. For very precious items, we may ask you to pay an extra fee, to cover the specific shipping cost.

1.3 Order acceptance and cancellation

Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. We reserve the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept, decline, or limit your order for any reason, whether or not your credit card has been charged. If your credit card has been charged and your order is cancelled, you will receive a refund.

Once an order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled unless the shipment is unavoidably delayed. In this case, we will do our best to cancel the order if requested.


2.1 Processing

We aim to process your order within 72 hours of it being placed.

Please allow between 3-5 days for your order to arrive once dispatched with the courier company.
If more than 7 days have passed please email us at temeculagaragiste@uyswines.com to review the status of your order.
We can not take responsibility for delayed orders once it has been shipped from our facility.

2.2 Returns & Refunds

We do not offer any returns or refunds.
If your item was received damaged, we will offer you a new item.
Please provide photographic evidence so that we can proceed with sending you a replacement.