Uys Wines History

Meet your local Temecula Wine Country Garagiste winemakers, Dirk and Michelle Uys. As Temecula residents since 2003, we consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to live in the heart of the Wine Country. Both of us have been passionate students of wine for many years and naturally, when we moved here, we decided to plant a vineyard.

The vineyard development started in 2010 and since 2012 we have continued to craft unique small-batch wines with the utmost attention to detail. We care about and embrace sustainable agricultural practices to protect the environment and maintain and improve soil fertility. Our goal is to consistently produce high-quality wine with no additives and minimal intervention.

Over the last few years, we have won numerous awards at the San Diego and Orange County Home Winemakers competitions.

We want to share our passion and expertise with Temecula residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re new to wine, an expert, or just want to enhance your Temecula experience, The Uys Family Vineyard is the place to go.

Experience the Uys Family Vineyard by:

Taking a tour of our vineyard and cellar

Check out “Discover off the Beaten Track Winery” experience at

Trying your hand at winemaking with us:

We developed an opportunity for budding garagiste (gar-uh-zheest) to become hands-on winemakers. A garagiste is a French term to describe independent, artisan winemakers crafting small batches of wine. Starting with the harvest of 2020 we will offer a limited number of Garagiste BARREL Winemaking Experiences, providing you the opportunity to make a barrel of red wine with us, from harvest all the way to bottling.

Becoming a garagiste on your own:

For the garagiste who want to go solo we will have a 5 gallon kit available with fresh local juice and all the instructions and equipment to make your own red wine, the Garagiste SOLO Winemaking Experience. Take your pick!

Learning the ways of the wine:

Many of our guests expressed interest in learning more about wine. We are happy to help! We decided the best way to learn all about wine would be to host wine appreciation workshops.

Go beyond The Uys Family Vineyard

After having the personal experience to test drive an e-bike around the Temecula wineries, the idea of offering that to visitors was born.

Temecula Wine Country E-Bike Rentals provides you with state-of-the-art electric bikes to enjoy all Temecula has to offer.

Contact us today to have an E-Bike delivered to your door and start exploring all that Temecula has to offer.

Visit e-Bikes Page

Coming Up Next…

Finally, we are working on developing a special open space in our vineyard to house a trailer: SIP & STAY! Our SIP & STAY trailer will provide accommodation for one lucky couple at a time, looking out over our family vineyard and the rolling hills of Temecula valley.